It takes a dedicated team effort to fight cancer. In addition to the doctors and nurses who treat the patient, the essential support network includes family and friends, physical therapists, emotional and spiritual counselors, and many more unsung heroes. At the macro level, agencies such as the American Cancer Society work to raise cancer awareness, promote healthy lifestyles and early detection, and promote research to save lives. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, symbolized by the color pink. In order to raise awareness and raise money for the American Cancer Society, yesterday the El Paso Table Tennis Club held its second annual "PINK PONG" fundraiser at a local mall. Club pro Dan Seemiller Jr. (pictured), son of USATT Hall-of-Famer Danny Seemiller, brought his tables and considerable skills to the the Bassett Place mall. "We're out here donating money for the American Cancer Society, and we're taking on ping-pong challengers," said Seemiller. "Hopefully we get a lot of players out here to challenge us." Unsuspecting mallgoer Sallie Glenn was happy to make a contribution to the cause, saying, "I got to play with somebody amazing!" "PINK PONG" also received a $1,000 donation from meterologist Sandra Diaz and attorney Michael Gopin, who join forces to form the philanthropic alliance known as Pay It Forward. Both have lost family members to breast cancer. Cancer is a formidable foe. As we have seen in El Paso, however, it also brings out the best in people, turning seemingly ordinary folks into unlikely alliances of superheroes.

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